This Dean's Medal is intended as the highest honor the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences can bestow. The recipient will be a member of the College community with an outstanding record of sustained contributions. The candidate's career should be distinguished by a dedication to the fulfillment of the College’s goals and mission, by professional accomplishments, and by service. Particular emphasis will be placed on contributions that have had major impacts on the College.  In addition to the medal, the recipient receives a $2,000 honorarium.


Past Recipients


Harriet Presser, SOCY, Spring 2010

Mark Leone, ANTH, Spring 2010

Robert Schwab, ECON, Fall 2010

Joseph Lengermann, SOCY, Spring 2011

Gary LaFree, CCJS, Spring 2011

Suheil Bushrui, ANTH, Fall 2011

Laure Brooks, CCJS, Spring 2012

Thomas Wallsten, PSYC, Spring 2012

William Falk, SOCY, Fall 2012

Erve Chambers, ANTH, Spring 2013

Jonathan Wilkenfeld, GVPT, Spring 2013

Katherine Pedro Beardsley, DEAN, Spring 2013

Samuel Goward, GEOG, Fall 2013

Nan Ratner, HESP, Fall 2013

Sue Briggs, CIVICUS, Spring 2014

John Pease, SOCY, Spring 2014

John Townshend, GEOG, Spring 2015

Wendy Whittemore, ENSP, Spring 2016

Valencia Skeeter, AASD, Spring 2017

Robert Dooling, PSYC, Spring 2018

Carolyn Schupbach, DEAN, Spring 2019

Wayne McIntosh, GVPT/DEAN, Fall 2021