Roles and Responsibilities

Research administration at the University involves many moving parts from many offices and departments across campus. In concert with representatives from most of these offices, ORA developed a matrix outlining roles and responsibilities for various tasks and approvals required throughout the life-cycle of an award. This matrix is hosted on ORA's website and should be consulted when a PI or research administrator is determining what office or individual to work with on a specific issue.

What is allowable?

The most important factors to consider when determining allowability is relevance to the scope of work and benefit to the project and sponsor. A sponsored project should not be charged for a cost that is not directly related to the scope of work in the approved proposal, or that does not benefit the work conducted under that scope of work. 

For specific items of cost, consider the order of precedence of sponsored projects to determine what is allowable and what is not:

  1. Scope of Work
  2. Award document
  3. Solicitation/RFP
  4. Agency Terms and Conditions
  5. Federal Guidelines (Uniform Guidance, Federal Acquisition Regulations, Public Laws)

Some other questions to consider regarding allowability:

  1. Is this cost normally covered by the department or the institutional F&A rate?
  2. Is the item necessary for completion of the scope of work?

As an agency of the State of Maryland, we are additionally bound to State of Maryland laws, and institutional policies. 

Research Computing Resources

There are a variety of research computing resources available to investigators and students, including experts who will help determine the needs and how to fill them. More information can be found on the research computing resources page.