Q: Under what circumstances do I need to revise my MOU?

A: If information in the MOU tables changes, or if the Principal Investigator or Fund Custodian changes. It is especially important to update the MOU when the IRB or funding are extended.


Q: What documentation must accompany an amendment?

A: For changes to the IRB, include the new protocol approval.

A: For changes to the payment authorization, include pages from the sponsored agreement, budget, and budget justification, which show the change. If this is an internal rebudget under sponsored terms and conditions, provide the revised budget. For a non-sponsored account, an email from the DAS indicating their approval will suffice.

A: For changes to the fund/account expiration, include a KFS printout showing the new account dates.


Q: There are two numbers on my IRB protocol approval. Which do I use for the MOU and related forms?

A: The protocol number is six or seven digits, sometimes followed by a dash and one or two digits. This is the number you should use. The six/seven digits reference the specific project and the numbers after the dash indicate how many amendments or revisions there have been.

A: Some older projects will have a “reference number.” This is for cross-referencing purposes with the old system before IRBNet was in place. The reference number should not be used on the MOU and related forms.


Q: What counts as a valid signature on the MOU and related forms?

A: An Adobe digital signature with certificate. Typed names, italicized or in cursive fonts, will not be accepted. A guide to creating an Adobe digital signature and digitally signing documents can be found here.


Q: What if I have used all of my funds from my draw before the 60-day reconciliation date?

A: You are not limited to making draws every 60 days and can request the next draw as soon as a reconciliation is completed.


Q: What if I have remaining funds from my draw at the 60-day reconciliation date?

A: You need to reconcile the draw to account for the funds remaining with the PI or fund custodian. Contact bsos-cash [at] umd [dot] edu if you wish to keep unspent funds to continue the study.