Q: Under what circumstances do I need to revise my MOU?

A: If information in the MOU tables changes, or if the Principal Investigator or Fund Custodian changes. It is especially important to update the MOU when the IRB or funding are extended.


Q: What documentation must accompany an amendment?

A: For changes to the IRB, include the new protocol approval.

A: For changes to the payment authorization, include pages from the sponsored agreement, budget, and budget justification, which show the change. If this is an internal rebudget under sponsored terms and conditions, provide the revised budget. For a non-sponsored account, an email from the DAS indicating their approval will suffice.

A: For changes to the fund/account expiration, include a KFS printout showing the new account dates.


Q: There are two numbers on my IRB protocol approval. Which do I use for the MOU and related forms?

A: The protocol number is six or seven digits, sometimes followed by a dash and one or two digits. This is the number you should use. The six/seven digits reference the specific project and the numbers after the dash indicate how many amendments or revisions there have been.

A: Some older projects will have a “reference number.” This is for cross-referencing purposes with the old system before IRBNet was in place. The reference number should not be used on the MOU and related forms.


Q: What counts as a valid signature on the MOU and related forms?

A: An Adobe digital signature with certificate. Typed names, italicized or in cursive fonts, will not be accepted. A guide to creating an Adobe digital signature and digitally signing documents can be found here.


Q: What if I have used all of my funds from my draw before the 60-day reconciliation date?

A: You are not limited to making draws every 60 days and can request the next draw as soon as a reconciliation is completed.


Q: What if I have remaining funds from my draw at the 60-day reconciliation date?

A: You need to reconcile the draw to account for the funds remaining with the PI or fund custodian. Contact bsos-cash [at] umd [dot] edu if you wish to keep unspent funds to continue the study.


What is Tango?

  • Tango is an online gift card system used for human subjects compensation/incentives. It allows researchers to pay participants (virtually) a set amount and participants to choose where they want to spend. The catalog of vendors the participants can choose from is here: https://www.rewardsgenius.com/reward-catalog/.

How does the funding process for my Tango Account work?

  • After your Tango account has been created we will request an invoice from Tango for your initial funding amount as stated on your MOU.
  • Once we receive the invoice from Tango we will create a purchase order (PO) for your specific Tango account under our Deans Office KFS account.
  • We will then send the invoice that was created by Tango to Accounts Payable (AP)
  • Once your account has been created it will take about two weeks to one month for your account to be funded
  • Once the invoice has been processed and paid by AP you will be able to start using your Tango Account.

How do I add more funds to my Tango Account?

  • Requesting additional funds is similar to a draw request. To request more funding for your Tango account please email bsos-cash [at] umd [dot] edu">bsos-cash [at] umd [dot] edu with the subject line 'Funding Request (Insert Tango Account Name & IRB Number), (Request Number)' and the following information at least ONE MONTH before the funds are needed in your account:
    • Include the following in the body of the email
      • Account Number/Study Name
      • Request Number (Draw Number)
      • Funding Amount

How long will it take for funds to hit my account after I send a fund request to /Users/jlloyd20/Downloads/bsos-cash [at] umd [dot] edu">bsos-cash [at] umd [dot] edu?

  • Since funding is processed via PO and Invoice, the speed at which funds hit the account are dependent on Accounts Payable. Currently it takes about one month for funds to be processed into your Tango account
    • If funding has taken longer than one month to be processed into your account please contact bsos-cash [at] umd [dot] edu ()
    • If funding is needed immediately please ask us about our emergency fund.

What is the emergency fund?

  • The BSOS Dean's office has funds that we can provide your account if immediate funding is needed. Emergency funds are extremely limited so please only request funding if the need is urgent.
  • The use of the emergency fund will not affect the reconciliation process to your KFS account.
  • Please contact bsos-cash [at] umd [dot] edu () for emergency funding requests.
  • Emergency funding may not cover your full funding request.

How is the reconciliation process for Tango different than cash payments?

  • The BSOS Deans office will be responsible for initiating the reconciliation process.
  • Since the initial POs were created on the BSOS Deans account we will charge your projects KFS account at the beginning of each month (example: We will charge you for May 01 – May 31 in the month of June).
    • Tango stores logs of all incentive payments within the system
      • Fund custodians (FCs) can access the logs of all incentive payments that they have sent. 
    • We use these logs to calculate the total amount of money sent by your project account each month and will charge your KFS account for the total amount of payments sent out to your participants each month.
    • Departments are expected to continue to keep track of participant consent forms.

Can payments to participants be canceled and if so will my account be refunded?

  • Once a reward is sent to a recipient, only certain rewards can be canceled and refunded. If you ever need to cancel a payment please contact bsos-cash [at] umd [dot] edu () or Rebecca Hunsaker. 

Once the reward email has been sent to the participant how long until they can use the funds? Is it an immediate payment?

  • Once an order has been placed within the Tango platform it is emailed to the participants shortly thereafter. Some orders may show "Pending" before getting sent out and ‘Completed’; the "Pending" status does not last longer than 24 hours."

Do users have the option of choosing several gift cards at once? For example, if the recipient was sent a link for a $10 reward would they be able to choose a $5 Bath and Body Works gift card as well as a $5 Walmart gift card?

  • Yes, when participants receive the link to their reward they will be able to choose multiple gift cards to redeem.

What type of gift cards are my participants able to choose from?

What is the Visa gift card link in the Tango platform?

  • Tango allows users to send cash equivalent gift cards such as Visa gift cards to participants. However, there are fees and rules associated with sending the Visa gift card link to participants.
    • Once the participant receives their reward link and they want to send a physical Visa gift card to their home this will cost the participant $3.00.
    • To use their virtual Visa gift cards participants must claim their Tango credit within 4 months of receiving it. After they redeem the Visa card, participants will have 7 months to use the funds before it expires.
  • Please specify on the MOU if you would like your participants to have access to select a Visa gift card as a reward option.
  • When sending a Visa gift card link to participants please send the following instructions to them separately.

How do I send Visa gift card payments to participants?

  • When you go to place an order (send rewards to your participants) click on the 'Reward Link Preferred + Visa'. This allows participants to choose Visa gift cards as well other gift cards.

Can I send Visa Gift cards links to participants outside of the United States?

  • No, participants have to be in the United States to be able to use the Visa gift cards.

How do I send payments that do not include Visa gift cards?

  • When you go to place an order (send rewards to your participants) click on the ‘Reward Link Preferred’ or the 'Reward Link Preferred University of Maryland' this allows participants to choose other gift cards that do not include Visa gift cards.

My participants are outside of the United States. Can I still send rewards to them?

  • If your participants are outside of the United States please let us know (specify on the MOU). We will inquire with our Tango representative to see if the country in question has a reward link.