1.    BSOS Summer Scholars
Goal: To support undergraduate students undertaking independent research projects in the summer. This mechanism is modeled after the Maryland Center for Undergraduate Research's (MCUR) Maryland Summer Scholars Program, but please note it is separate from the MCUR Program which has a considerably earlier deadline. Recipients will gain a competitive edge when applying for graduate study, national scholarships, and other awards.  Students may expand their research into an independent study or Honors thesis during following fall semester.

Maximum Number of Awards: 4
Maximum Amount per award: $3,000 per student
Requirements: Freshman, sophomores, and juniors with at least a 3.4 GPA may apply. Applications should include:
a) an unofficial copy of the student’s transcript and any other evidence of the student’s scholarly accomplishments;
b) a letter of recommendation from a BSOS faculty member addressing the merit of the proposed summer research, the student¹s qualification to undertake that project, a mentoring plan; and
c) a one-page personal statement from the student about her or his long term professional/intellectual goals, and how this fellowship and research project would advance those goals.

BSOS Summer Scholar proposals are jointly submitted by the undergraduate student and the Faculty mentor who provides a support letter. The Faculty member must have an appointment in a BSOS Department or Center and the student must be a BSOS major. Please note that the DRI announcement will not be sent out to undergraduate students and therefore faculty must take the lead in identifying a student to work with and in submitting the application.

2. Mentored Undergraduate Research Teams
Goal: To support creative efforts to provide outstanding undergraduate research experiences to a small group of undergraduates. Mentorship can be provided by a single faculty member or a group of interconnected Faculty members. Funds should be utilized to stimulate student growth including a range of research costs (e.g., participant payment, travel for data collection, and/or relevant software) and conference travel. Payment to students or coverage of tuition associated directly with the research experience will be considered if coverage of these costs are the best use of the available funds for the overall research development of the students involved.

Maximum Number of Awards: 4
Maximum Amount per award: $2,500
Requirements: Must include at least two undergraduate students and have training aspects that are not already in place.
Additional Notes: Students should be BSOS majors unless the application includes a clear statement arguing for the value of targeting students outside of BSOS. In cases where a clear benefit of using non-BSOS students can be made, the application will be viewed with the same enthusiasm as one that focuses only on BSOS students; however, where a strong argument cannot be made, preference will be given to applications targeting BSOS students. In unusual cases, and depending on the number of applications in this category, we might consider requests that require more than the maximum award amount of $2,500 if the proposal is particularly innovative and a strong case is made for why more funding is necessary.