1. Mentored Undergraduate Research Teams

Goal:To support creative efforts to provide outstanding undergraduate research experiences Mentorship can be provided by a single faculty member or a group of faculty. Funds should be utilized to stimulate student growth including a range of research costs (e.g., participant payment or travel for data collection) and conference travel. Payment to students or coverage of tuition associated directly with the research experience will be considered if coverage of these costs are the best use of the available funds for the development of the students involved.

Maximum Number of Awards:4

Maximum Amount per award:$2,500

Requirements: Must include at least two undergraduate students and have training aspects that are not already in place.

Additional Notes:Students should be BSOS majors unless the application includes a clear statement arguing for the value of targeting students outside of BSOS. In unusual cases, and depending on the number of applications in this category, we might consider requests that require more than the maximum award amount of $2,500 if the proposal is particularly innovative and a strong case is made for why more funding is necessary. Proposals should be two pages and explain in detail the proposed activities and benefits to the development of the undergraduate students. The total project budget should not exceed the limits indicated above, inclusive of cost sharing from departments.