The Chair’s Research Enhancement Fund, which assists those in the pursuit of scholarly activity. Give to the Chair’s Research Enhancement Fund.

The Military Sociology Research Fund, which enhances the department’s research program in the field of military sociology. Give to the Military Sociology Research Fund.

The Charles H. Coates Commemorative Fund, which recognizes the contributions of UMD graduates and faculty to the field of military sociology and also recognizes graduate students in the field of military sociology to assist in the publication and/or dissemination of the results of their research. Give to the Charles H. Coates Commemorative Fund.

The Morris Rosenberg Memorial Fund, which heightens the recognition of the department and of sociological scholarship in BSOS in memory of Dr. Morris Rosenberg. The department utilizes the fund to support a variety of activities including but not limited to lectures, visiting professorships, special research projects and conference attendance for faculty and outstanding students. Give to the Morris Rosenberg Memorial Fund.