Deans (Dean, Associate Dean, Assistant Dean, etc.)

Name Email Location & Phone
Dr. Gregory Ball Ball, Gregory
gball [at] 2141 Tydings Hall
Ann Holmes Holmes, Ann
Assistant Dean, Administration and Finance
amholmes [at] 2141D Tydings Hall
UM Globe Korzeniewicz, Roberto Patricio
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Li Portrait Li, Mengxue
Principal Dean for International Affairs
mxli [at] 1117C Chincoteague Hall
UM Globe McGloin, Jean
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education
Wayne McIntosh McIntosh, Wayne
Special Assistant to the Dean
wvmci [at]
Kim Nickerson Nickerson, Kim J.
Assistant Dean, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
knick [at] 2141-H Tydings Hall
KFR headshot Russell, Katherine
Associate Dean
BSOS-UGDean [at] 2141 Tydings Hall

Administrative Staff

Name Email Location & Phone
UMD globe logo Anderson-Howell, Rosalyn
Assistant Director, Advising
rosalyn [at] 2148 Tydings Hall
UM Globe Asi, Laila
Graduate Assistant, New Student Orientation
lasi [at] 2148 Tydings Hall
Joe Azzarello Azzarello, Joe
Assistant Director of Development
jazzar [at] 0145A Tydings Hall
Tom Bacho Bacho, Tom
Associate Director of Creative Services
tbacho [at] 0129 Tydings Hall
Kenny Beaver Beaver, Kenny
Interim Chief Development Officer
beaver [at] Tydings Hall 0145
UMD globe logo Bethke, Kim
Assistant Director, Advising
kbethke [at] 2148 Tydings Hall
Robert Lance Blevins Blevins, Robert
Executive Director
rblevins [at] 3106B Morrill Hall
Brooks, Tria Farrar
Prog Management Specialist
triab [at] 0137 Tydings Hall
Sarah C. Thompson C. Thompson, Sarah
Assistant Director, External Relations
schic [at] 0145 Tydings Hall
UMD globe logo Cradock, Christie
Director of Advising
ccradock [at] 2148 Tydings Hall
UMD globe logo Denbow, Giselle
Coordinator of Undergraduate Education Administration
gdenbow [at] 2103 Tydings Hall
Sara Gavin Gavin, Sara
Associate Director, Communications and Media Relations
sgavin [at] 0145G Tydings Hall
UMD globe logo Goebel, Sheila
Graduation Clearance Coordinator
sgoebel [at] 2140C Tydings Hall
UM Globe Goff, Sarah
Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant to the Dean
segofft [at] 2141 Tydings Hall
Kristi Hall Hall, Kristi
Associate Director for Undergraduate Education
khall [at] 2148B Tydings Hall
UMD globe logo Haufler, Virginia Ann
Professor and Director of Global Communities
vhaufler [at] 3117J Chincoteague Hall
Headshot of Kathryn Hopps in a black top with silver earrings and a necklace with silver beads Hopps, Kathryn
Program Director for Experiential Learning
khopps [at] 2nd Floor, Tydings Hall
UMD globe logo Hunsaker, Rebecca I
Executive Director of Research Management
hunsaker [at] 2115 Tydings Hall
UMD globe logo Kier, Bailey
Coordinator of Administrative Services
bkier [at] 2148 Tydings Hall
Jenny Kilberg Kilberg, Jennifer
Director, Alumni and Donor Relations
jkilberg [at] 0145 Tydings Hall
UM Globe Knight, Ted
Strategic Partnerships, Research
teknight [at] 301-405-8761
Kokason Kokason II, Kenneth
Academic Advisor
kokason [at] 2148 Tydings Hall
UMD globe logo Lloyd, T.C.
Academic Advisor
tclloyd [at] 2148 Tydings Hall
UMD globe logo Marth, Ellen Fitzsimmons
emarth [at] 2115B Tydings Hall
UMD globe logo Martinez, Elizabeth
Coordinator, Faculty Affairs and Graduate Education
emartin2 [at] 2141 Tydings Hall
UMD globe logo Matthews, Rebecca Leffson
Assistant Director, Smart Center
bal [at] 0137B Tydings Hall
UM Globe Meyering, Kristin
Career Advisor, BSOS
BSOScareers [at] Tydings 2148
UMD globe logo Middledorf, Donna
Payroll Manager
dmiddled [at] 2115B Tydings Hall
Montresor Lopez Montresor-López, Jessica
Faculty Assistant, Facilities
jmontres [at] 0127 Tydings Hall
UMD globe logo Morgan, Dona
Director of Facilities
dmorgan [at] 0127 Tydings Hall
Cierra O'Keefe '16 Headshot O'Keefe, Cierra
Coordinator for Undergraduate Communications & Recruitment
cokeefe [at] Tydings 2103A
Laura Ours Ours, Laura
Senior Director of Communications and Marketing
lours [at] Tydings Hall 0145E
UM Globe Picket, Hermione L.
Academic Advisor
hpickett [at] 2148 Tydings Hall
UM Globe Pierzchala, Esme
Graduate Assistant, Peer Mentors
espierzc [at] 2148 Tydings Hall
UMD globe logo Randolph, Julie Lynn
Assistant Director, CIVICUS
jlwr [at] 0105 Somerset Hall (office); 2141 Tydings Hall (mail)
MR_headshot Rezvani, Mona
mrezvani [at] 3114G Tydings Hall
Sameen Saeed Saeed, Sameen
Associate Director, External Relations
dsaeed [at] Tydings Hall 0145 C
Jordan Scanlon, Jordan
Graduate Assistant, Development and Alumni Relations
scanlonj [at]
UMD globe logo Schupbach, Carolyn A.
cschupba [at] 2115A Tydings Hall
UM Globe Schupbach, Rachel
Faculty Assistant, Facilities
rschupba [at] 0127 Tydings Hall
UM Globe Scribner, Stephanie F.
Research Coordinator
sfscrib [at] 2115 Tydings Hall
UM Globe Sethi, Aashna
Graduate Assistant
aashna [at] 0145 Tydings Hall
UMD globe logo Showerman, Stacey
sshowerm [at] 0137 Tydings Hall
UMD globe logo Slavin, Christa
Coordinator of Administrative Services
ccooper7 [at] 2148 Tydings Hall
Headshot Slone, Michelle
Assistant Director of Special Events
mcslone [at] 2103C Tydings Hall
Natalie Vinski Vinski Ibrahim, Natalie
Program Manager, Global Communities Living and Learning Program
nvinski [at]