TerrapinSTRONG affirms our campus mission, culture, and values as a diverse, united, proud, thoughtful, inclusive, accountable, and empowered community that works to positively impact our globally-connected society.

The goals of TerrapinSTRONG onboarding are to ensure that all new community members feel welcomed to the University of Maryland; learn some of our history; understand our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion; and come to know more about our traditions.

All new students, faculty, and staff will participate in TerrapinSTRONG as part of their orientation. Following this experience, new Terps are further welcomed by their college with programming on opportunities to become TerrapinSTRONG.

BSOS TerrapinSTRONG will be delivered to our first-time BSOS students (Freshmen and Transfers) via one of three different experiences: UNIV 100 and BSOS 361.

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