2019 Summer Research Initiative Application:
Offered through the common Big Ten Academic Alliance SROP application

The Big Ten Academic Alliance SROP application is a shared application through Big Ten institutions. This application allows you to apply to multiple programs with only one submission of your materials. In addition to the shared application, the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences’ (BSOS) Summer Research Initiative (SRI) requires applicants to complete our UMD BSOS SRI Supplemental Questions.

These supplemental questions are provided to make it easier for us to identify students who best fit our program's focus. All SRI applicants are also required to submit a curriculum vita (C.V.) or résumé through the same supplemental questions form. Please follow the link below to answer the BSOS SRI supplemental questions and to upload your C.V. or résumé. A list of the questions has been provided below to allow you to prepare before you begin the form.

To access the UMD's BSOS SRI Supplemental Questions, click on SROP Supplemental Application and then choose SROP-BSOS SRI from the drop-down menu. 

2019 Summer Research Initiative Supplemental Questions

  • Are you a first generation college student?
  • Are you a Maryland resident?
  • Do you have immediate plans to enter graduate school?
  • Which highest degree is of immediate interest to you? (Masters, PhD, MD, JD, Other)
  • Please list up to 5 college-level research methodology, research design, statistics, and math courses you have taken and the grades you received. These courses should also be reflected on the transcripts you submit.
  • What is the social and behavioral science field that is of most interest to you for graduate studies? (Choose only one: African American Studies, Anthropology, Criminology/Criminal Justice, Economics, Geographical Sciences, Government & Politics,Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, Hearing & Speech Sciences, Psychology, Sociolgy)
  • Rank your top 3 department placement choices if you were to be selected for the BSOS SRI. (African American Studies, Anthropology, Criminology/Criminal Justice, Economics, Geographical Sciences, Government & Politics, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, Hearing & Speech Sciences, Psychology, Sociology). **NOTE: We do our best to match students with their preferences. However, we cannot guarantee it. Matches are made on the basis of faculty availability for the summer.
  • Please visit our department websites and identify up to three facutly members and their departments whose work is of interest to you. **NOTE: Once again, we cannot guarantee matches with the individuals you list. However, providing us with names and departments gives us information on what type of summer research topics might be of interest or helpful to you.
  • Please upload a supplemental personal statement and limit the statement to a maximum of two (2) single-spaced, letter-sized pages, with 1” margins and 12 point font (either Times New Roman or Arial). Please provide a single, integrated personal/academic statement that explains:
    • (REQUIRED) Your academic experiences to date, your plan for graduate training, the specific field of interest you will pursue in graduate school, your ultimate career goal as a social and behavioral scientist, and how you believe the University of Maryland SRI might help you reach your educational and career goals.
    • (REQUIRED) - Also, each applicant must integrate an answer to the following question into their supplemental statement. Please describe your past interests or work in diversity and inclusion in the behavioral and social sciences and how you plan to contribute to the increasing of the diversity and inclusion of scholars working in the social and behavioral sciences through your teaching, research, mentoring, or other service in the future?
  • Upload a PDF version of your up-to-date résumé or curriculum vita.

Special note for applicants interested in placements in the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences:
Highest priority will be given to those who intend to pursue a research doctorate rather than the clinical M.A. or AuD.


General Tips on Statements of Interest Submitted through the common Big Ten Academic Alliance application:

  • In your statement, please explain your academic experiences to date; your plans for graduate training and specific field of interest in graduate school; your ultimate career goals specifically as a social and behavioral scientist and how the SRI might help you reach your goals; and the knowledge/skills you would like to obtain from the SRI.
  • Students who explain how their specific areas of interest relate to the research of specific BSOS faculty tend to stand out in our application review process (see our department websites for details on faculty research).