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Are you a first-time BSOS undergraduate? Go to the BSOS TerrapinSTRONG Together course.

President Pines launched TerrapinSTRONG as one of his first campus initiatives as President of the University of Maryland. TerrapinSTRONG affirms our campus mission, culture, and values as a diverse, united, proud, thoughtful, inclusive, accountable, and empowered community that works to positively impact our globally-connected society.

Each school or college within the University is developing their own unique TerrapinSTRONG program. Ours is named BSOS TerrapinSTRONG Together because we want you to actively join us in our motto to “Be the solution to the world’s greatest challenges!”

The BSOS TerrapinSTRONG Together program is being implemented for new undergraduates (freshman and transfers) in the fall of 2020.

TerrapinSTRONG for graduate students, staff, and faculty will be coming in the fall of 2021.

Questions? Contact us at bsosterrapinstrong [at] umd [dot] edu