The department placement and faculty member preferences are part of the BSOS SRI supplemental application. Please visit the BSOS department websites below to identify up to three department placements that would best meet your graduate training aspirations and up to three faculty members whose work is of interest to you and also align with your graduate training aspirations. 

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER - While we do our best to pair students with their department and faculty preferences, we cannot guarantee those preferential placements. However, providing us with faculty names and departments gives us information on the types of summer research topics that might be of interest or helpful to you.

IMPORTANT NOTE - For applicants interested in placements in the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences, the highest priority will be given to those who intend to pursue a PhD rather than the clinical M.A. or AuD. 

IMPORTANT NOTE - For applicants interested in placements with the Planet Word research project, please apply through the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences.