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BSOS TerrapinSTRONG Together will help first-time undergraduates learn more about the University and the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS) as well as begin thinking about their passions and who they are as Terps. Explore the links below to learn more about the program.

Are you a first-time BSOS undergraduate? Go to the BSOS TerrapinSTRONG Together course.


The BSOS TerrapinSTRONG Together undergraduate program is composed of four elements:

  1. Viewing a set of videos about the behavioral and social sciences;
  2. Reading and reflecting on an article about identity;
  3. Participating in a 90-minute session about exploring identity and passions; and
  4. Engagement in at least two events that align with their passions or promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  1. Make connections with the BSOS disciplines & the BSOS College.
  2. Understand their identity and what aspects of it are most important to them. 
  3. Learn more about the diversity of identities among their classmates.
  4. Understand that BSOS and University of Maryland aspires to accept and value the diverse identities of each community member. 

What is TerrapinSTRONG?

TerrapinSTRONG is the new signature onboarding program for all new community members at University of Maryland, started by President Pines in fall 2020. 

TerrapinSTRONG affirms our campus mission, culture, and values as a diverse, united, proud, thoughtful, inclusive, accountable, and empowered community that works to positively impact our globally-connected society.

Each school or college within the University is developing their own unique TerrapinSTRONG program. Ours is named BSOS TerrapinSTRONG Together because we want you to actively join us in our motto to “Be the solution to the world’s greatest challenges!”


Why should I participate in BSOS TerrapinSTRONG?

This is an exciting opportunity for you to deepen your understanding of UMD and BSOS values, explore your identity and passions, and meet new friends in BSOS.


How do I participate in BSOS TerrapinSTRONG?

  1. Register for one of the live BSOS TerrapinSTRONG session via Zoom in November or December.
  2. Explore the pre-session materials on the ELMS site.
  3. Connect at the session with your peers. 
  4. Continue the Conversation. To be sure that you are BSOS TerrapinSTRONG, you will have the opportunity to participate in at least two additional events to help you build your TerrapinSTRONG credentials during the Spring 2021 semester.


How do I sign-up?

As a first-time BSOS undergraduate, you have been automatically registered for the BSOS TerrapinSTRONG course in ELMS. You can sign-up for the virtual session by visiting the registration page


Is BSOS TerrapinSTRONG required?

President Pines has asked all units to create programs to ensure that ALL new students in fall 2020 participate. Therefore, we will work hard to ensure all of our BSOS students take advantage of this opportunity. So, please sign-up and join a session so that we can let President Pines know that you participated!


Is there Swag?

We are hoping to mail a small gift to all participants in Spring 2021. We will ask you for your mailing address when you register.


Have questions or suggestions?

Please email us at bsosterrapinstrong [at] umd [dot] edu.