Led by Dr. Rashawn Ray of the Department of Sociology, the BSOS Anti-Black Racism Initiative builds upon centers and programs including:

The Baha’i Chair for World Peace has a speaking series on Systemic Racism and the Root Causes of Prejudice. Drs. Hoda Mahmoudi and Ray have a forthcoming book featuring articles from series speakers who are some of the most renown race scholars in the country. 

The Department of African American Studies in collaboration with CRI, Baha’i, and the Judge Williams Center has a speaking series on reparations. It has featured Congresswoman Barbara Lee who has a Truth and Reconciliation Bill in Congress. 

The Departments of Psychology and Economics have impactful programs for students that aim to help students matriculate and view research as a desirable career path. 

Dean Kim Nickerson not only runs the BSOS Summer Research Initiative, but he started the Black History Tour on campus to tell the story of the role of African Americans in the founding of the university. 

The Critical Race Initiative, currently led by Dawn Dow in sociology and students across campus, hold a symposium every year in honor of Congressman Parren Mitchell. Mitchell was the first Black student to obtain a graduate degree while taking courses on campus. 

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