Event Date and Time
1102 Woods Hall
Department of Anthropology
Professor Judith Lynne Hanna

Maryland Day - Alumni Luncheon

Naked Truth: Brain and Brawn in Dance

Guest Speaker: Judith Lynne Hanna 

Judith Lynne Hanna, Research Professor, University of Maryland Department of Anthropology, has a MA in political science, but research in Africa convinced her that anthropology would be more welcoming to the study of dance as political. In Columbia University‘s anthropology doctoral program she explored how the four fields (archeology, linguistics, physical, and social) would shed light on dance. The class papers she wrote evolved into her first book, To Dance Is Human: A Theory of  Nonverbal Communication. She will sketch her odyssey from flat feet to pointe to pole, illuminated by her studies of the power of dance in education, politics, health, theaters, strip clubs, and neuroscience.  

(See www.judithhanna.com


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