Event Date and Time
1101 Morrill Hall

Hosted by: Christine Bachrach and Sangeetha Madhavan

Note: RSVP by March 2nd

 The Maryland Population Research Center is hosting a “meet your colleague” event for students and faculty interested in, or conducting, reproductive health research.  The event will feature 5-minute presentations about the work you do (or are planning to do), followed by networking time in which you can meet and talk to colleagues with complementary interests.

 The focus of the event, reproductive health, includes a broad range of topics including fertility, family planning, maternal mortality, contraceptive use, sexual behavior, HIV and STI prevention and treatment, and the role of biological, cognitive, behavioral, and social/cultural/policy influences in these outcomes.

 Please help us make this a success by:

  • Letting jdoiron1 [at] umd [dot] edu (Jenn Doiron) know if you want to participate and giving her one sentence that describes your work/interests.
  • Encourage full collaboration of all faculty and graduate students, across disciplines, who are working in reproductive health.  Please help us in spreading the word to others who may not be on the center’s email list but have interests in this area.

Deadline for RSVP: March 2nd