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Over 70% of jobs are filled through networking. In this presentation, David's proven methodology and tactics to reach out to strangers on LinkedIn, build relationships, and get jobs without ever applying. This presentation answers questions like, "Should I message with email or LinkedIn?" "What do I write?" "How do I ask for a job without coming across as pushy?" Plus, this jam-packed presentation features my 10-step informational interview process to make even the most nervous individuals excel in conversations with professionals and generate referrals.

About the Presenter
David Rosenstein, Founder of DR Consulting, has helped thousands of students and professionals launch their careers by establishing impactful LinkedIn presences. Equipped with a performing background, he combines 15+ years of award-winning public speaking experience with extensive personal branding, marketing, and sales expertise. While earning a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Maryland, he was named "American Marketing Association National Student Marketer of the Year" for his branding and leadership expertise. Often described as a "Human Energizer Bunny" due to his highly enthusiastic persona, David has previously worked for LinkedIn and will return as a Sales Associate in July 2021. Learn more about David on his LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/rosenstein.

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This event is sponsored by the BSOS Alumni Chapter Board and an official event of the Alumni Association's 2021 Career Week. Click here to view other events offered during Career Week 2021 coordinated for our UMD alumni! 

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David Rosenstein