The University of Maryland-HBCU Scholarship Fund’s University-Community (U-C) Dialogues on Critical Issues in the Black Community: “The Incarceration Epidemic”

Event Date and Time: 
Thursday, April 30, 2015 - 9:30am to 4:00pm
Nyumburu Cultural Center, Multipurpose Room, University of Maryland, College Park

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Schedule of Events:

9:30—9:50am Welcome and Summary Introduction to the Current Program

9:50-10:10-am Introduction to the African American Incarceration Epidemic

10:10- 10:50am Pane l: Social Determinants of the Epidemic

  • Policy Contributions to the Epidemic (War on Drugs, Mandatory Minimum Sentencing, 3 strikes and you are out, etc.
  • The School-To-Prison Pipeline
  • Community, Neighborhood and Family Risks

10:50-11:00am Comments, Questions, and General Discussion

11:00-11:10am BREAK

11:10am—11:50pm Panel 2: Costs of the Epidemic to Individuals, Families, Communities, and Society

  • The Costs/impact to African American Individuals
  • Costs/impact to African American Families and Communities
  • Costs/impact to the US Society

11-50-12:00pm Questions and Comments from the Audience.

12:00-1:20 pm Lunch and Panel 3: Narratives from Returning Citizens on Experiences of Personal Reentry Success. Lunch FREE for the first 75 people to register; but donations to Scholarship Fund to help cover the costs of the day’s activities will be greatly appreciated. Anthropologically Themed Scholarship Fund T-Shirts offered in exchange for Donations of $30 or more.

1:20 -2:00pm  Panel 4: Best Practices at Local and National Levels for Addressing Epidemic

2:00—2:20pm Questions and Comments from the Audience

2:20-4:00pm Workshop: Suggestions for Breaking the Epidemic Intergenerational Chain

2:20-2:40pm Workshop Structure and Purpose, and Topics for small Group discussions:

·       Policy and/or Program Strategies for Addressing the Social Determinants of the Epidemic

·       Policy and/or Program Strategies for Addressing the Impact of the Epidemic on Individuals, Families, and the Wider Society

·       Policy and/or Program Strategies for Facilitating Reentry Success

2:40-3:10pm Small Group Discussions

3:10-3:20pm Break

3:20-3:50pm Small Group Presentations

3:50-4:00 pm Closing Comments and Healing Circle Commitment