The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
                                      Maryland Day 2018 Events



Come and join the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences on Maryland Day 2018, Saturday, April 28 from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., in a free, fun-filled day of learning, exploration and discovery on the campus of the University of Maryland College Park.  Explore Our World of Fearless Ideas. Visit the Official Maryland Day website for additional general information.

Among the more that 400 events taking place on campus for Maryland Day, be sure to visit the BSOS events on McKeldin Mall:


#liveservelearn With CIVICUS

Play games and win prizes as you learn about CIVICUS, a living-learning program that helps students become engaged citizens through a focus on community service learning and leadership development.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 2141)


Arts and Crafts With BSOS Ambassadors

Come join the BSOS Ambassadors and make tissue paper flowers!

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 0102)


Be a Cartographer!

Do you like maps? Are you interested in learning more about how they're created? The Center for Geospatial Information Science invites children and teens to test their mapping skills with tablet-based GIS games, while adults can learn more about our online professional master's degree in geospatial intelligence.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 2111)


Be the Solution Pledge

Each individual in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences community seeks to Be the Solution to the world’s great challenges. We make a difference by enhancing international relations, advancing global sustainability, understanding societies and cultures, and improving the human condition. Share with us how you will Be the Solution in your community!

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 2141K)


Change the World: Explore Government and Politics

The Department of Government & Politics offers individuals the tools and information they need to change the world by improving the quality of their government—and thus their lives. We provide the expertise and data for policymakers to address social problems and societal conflicts both domestic and international.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 1108)


Cornhole and Trivia

Join the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences' Dean's Student Council for fun and games.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 0102)


Deal Island Peninsula Project

The exhibit showcases Department of Anthropology research on the human and cultural aspects of key environmental issues for the Chesapeake Bay, including climate change, sustainable fisheries and farming, harmful algae blooms, and the integration of coastal communities into environmental decision making.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 0101)


Design a Turtle w ith BSOS Advising

Join advisors from the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences to design a turtle craft. Advisors will answer questions about the college, advising and the college's majors and requirements.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 1108)


Dinner, Ritual Sacrifice or Landscape Engineering? Animal Bones and Archaeology at the Zooarchaeology Lab

Experts from the Zooarchaeology Lab show how animal bones help us understand the past. Different cultures used animals for food, as sacrificial victims, as landscape engineers, as commodities, as weapons and as agents of culture change. Stop by to learn more.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: Lobby)


Division in Politics

Meet representatives from the Center for American Politics and Citizenship to learn more about what's causing the current division in politics.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 1108)


Economics at Maryland Day

Fun games with economics!

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 0111)


Explore Sociology: The Science of Our Lives

The Department of Sociology hosts a variety of games and interactions for families with older children. Get quizzed by current undergraduates on your sociological knowledge, and think about different sociological careers. Sociology faculty research teams also demonstrate research projects, one on how groups operate and another on implicit bias training for police officers.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 1132)


Fun With Language

Are you interested in learning about childhood language development? Do you have a child ages 3 to 8? The Learning to Talk Lab hosts fun language games, activities and special prizes designed just for your little ones. Parents can also learn about the lab's current studies and how your family can make an impact on language research.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 0111)


Get to Know the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences

Meet deans, academic advisers, students and alumni and learn how the college fulfills its mission to Be the Solution to the world's great challenges.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 2141K)


Global Communities' World Trivia Challenge

Test your knowledge of global capitals, cultures and languages. Answer trivia questions correctly and win limited-edition prizes.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 2103)


History Along Our Highways

The Maryland Department of Transportation’s State Highway Administration employs archaeologists and architectural historians who manage historic sites along our road systems.  Stop by and learn about their recent discovery by using 3D virtual reality glasses! Artifacts from the Bush Tavern in Harford County will also be on display along with a ceramic mending station.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 0101)


Infant and Child Studies

The Infant and Child Studies Consortium offers parents and children an opportunity to interact with scientists, play fun research games and contribute to research on how children think about language and engage in their social worlds.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 2106)


Investigate Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies

The Criminology and Criminal Justice Forensic Footwear Team scans people's shoes and talks about the program. Test you knowledge with a criminology IQ test and join a discussion afterward.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 1101)


Kahlil Gibran Trivia and Prizes!

For over 100 years, Arabs and Arab-Americans have celebrated the life and oeuvre of Lebanese writer Kahlil Gibran. This Maryland Day, we bridge a gap between East and West and bring Kahlil Gibran's literary legacy to life through trivia, stories, games and prizes to be won. Join us in playing Gibran trivia, learning about the Gibran Chair and our activities, and peacebuilding right here in College Park!

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 1108)


Language and Sensory Exploration for Children

Young children of all abilities are welcome to participate and enjoy language-based movement and other experiential activities that will spark their imagination, interaction and communication.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 0111)


Let's Hear It for Speech and Language

How loud do you listen to your music? Are you curious about your hearing abilities? Do you want to learn more about speech and language? Come join the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences to get your hearing screened, test the volume of your electronic devices, play Speech Jenga, and learn more about the services available at the Hearing and Speech Clinic.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 0130)


MLK50: Where Do We Go From Here?

The African-American Studies Department highlights the legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. with a "Jeopardy!"-themed game covering 1968–2018, trivia questions and posters prepared by members of the Society of African-American Studies, a student organization that runs a Saturday Freedom School for local middle schoolers. Faculty and students can also answer questions about King and the department.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: Student Study Lounge on 2nd Floor)


Peace Pairs

Join the Baha'i Chair for World Peace and play an interactive game where people have to find the matching pairs of pictures of Nobel peace prize winners to win a prize.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 2141)


Photo Booth

The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences has the backgrounds and the props. You bring the smiles, poses and your camera or smartphone. Capture memories of Maryland Day, and send your favorite photos to, Instagram and Twitter @bsosumd.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 0111)


Poll Positions

Interested in what Americans think about current events, including domestic politics and foreign policy? Learn about the Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and Development's public opinion polling on American attitudes on a number of different issues. Guests can also view artwork from the annual Sadat Art for Peace Competition.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 1108)


PSYCh Yourself Out

Peer at optical illusions and answer questions about what you see. Then learn about how optical illusions really work and the psychology and biology behind why your mind plays tricks on you.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 1102)


Spin-the-Wheel Legal Trivia

Learn about the exciting pre-law study programs available through MLAW and earn some prizes. Jus spin the wheel to determine what prize you will play for, and then answer correctly a law-related trivia question in order to take that prize home. Prizes range from pens and fidget spinners to coffee mugs and turtle stress toys.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 2111)


START to Counter Violent Extremism

Participate in an award-winning social media campaign to combat violent extremism online and learn how you can help in the fight against terrorism. Get to know the students of the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START).

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 3100)


Support on the Autism Journey

Experts in the fields of autism spectrum disorders and child and adolescent speech and language disorders will be available to share the latest research, talk about what the University of Maryland Autism Research Consortium (UMARC) faculty is doing in the area of virtual reality and social communication, and to answer questions related to these areas. In addition, children of all ages will be able to explore sensory activities from water play to parachute fun.

Rain Location: Chincoteague Hall (Room: 0111)


Take-a-Break Tent for Families

The Infant and Child Studies Consortium offers parents with infants and young children an opportunity to take a break from the sun and fun. Activities for children include playing with bubbles, coloring, and making brain hats. A changing table will also be available.

Rain Location: Tydings Hall (Room: 2106)