According to the University System Travel Policy, all travel is to be documented and out-of-state and international travel is to be approved before travel begins. The policies are intended to facilitate travel and travel arrangements; to provide full reimbursement for all necessary expenses; and to protect travelers against the risk of loss, while simultaneously maintain the necessary controls for accountability.

  1. The traveler should submit a Travel Approval Request through the Smart Center website. Please note that the person completing the form will need to provide required information for non-employees and/or for international travel before the Smart Center can complete the request.
  2. If you want the Smart Center to arrange payment for your airfare, be sure to specify the university travel agency used. Include any Smart Center payment information (such as lodging, conference fees, or car service) or special circumstances in the comments section of the Travel Approval Form.
  3. Once the form is submitted, an email is sent to the Smart Center. The Smart Center then creates an electronic form in the University ELF System.
  4. The ELF Form is sent to the traveler’s department for approval.
  5. Department Approvers can make changes or add notes in the comments section of the ELF approval. The department approver will either approve, reject, or return the travel form (if more information is needed before approval is granted).
  6. If arrangements were made through Omega, Travel-on, or Globetrotter, the travel agency is sent a system-generated email notifying them of the approval. The ticket is purchased once the form has been approved.

Changes to the travel: If adjustments need to be made to the TAR after it has been approved, please send the Smart Center an email at bsossmartcenter [at] umd [dot] edu requesting the changes. The Smart Center cannot take changes over the phone.

The Smart Center created an online tutorial to assist with common questions about allowable expenses and travel procedures.

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