Smart Center Online Tutorials 

The Smart Center has created an online tutorial for travelers. This guide explains the travel process and provides information regarding allowable expenses and necessary documentation required for reimbursement.

The Smart Center has also created a Reviewer Tip Sheet to assist department approvers in reviewing travel request forms.

University of Maryland Discounts

The University of Maryland has negotiated discounts for car rentals, rail fare, and local lodging.

Car Rentals - The discounts are only offered for University of Maryland employees for leisure and business travel. Business rentals must have an approved TAR in place before travel begins. For business-related car rentals, please sign the agreement with your name followed by “University of Maryland” (ie: Joe Smith, University of Maryland). This will expedite the process if there is a need to process a claim on the rental car.  

*UMD employees are covered by the State of Maryland for domestic car rentals. All insurances should be denied. LDW/CDW is allowable on international rentals for employees.

*Non-employee travelers may seek reimbursement for car rentals booked on their own. The only reimbursable insurance is LDW/CDW.

Hotels -  The University of Maryland has a Corporate Code for the College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center (UMUC Marriott), The Hotel at the University of Maryland, and Cambria Hotel College Park.

Rail Fare - University of Maryland employees are eligible for a 10% discount on certain Amtrak routing along the East Coast booked through one of the three University travel agencies. This discount is available for business and personal travel.

BWI Airport Parking - University of Maryland employees are eligible for discounted parking at the BWI Fast Park and Relax. 

Where do I begin? What happens once I submit my travel request?

Travel Approval Process

Tips for submitting receipts

Detailed original receipts are required for reimbursement of airfare and rail tickets, parking, car rental (without LDW/CDW for university employees), ground transportation (e.g., taxi), lodging, registration, car rental fuel and meals in excess of per diem. Click here to see University travelers' guide.

Meal Per Diem

According to the University System Travel Policy, "a partial day's travel is eligible for meal(s) consumed when travel time encompasses a period of two hours before and two hours after that (those) meal(s)".

Please note, any meals provided by the conference or on flights are not reimbursable.

What can be paid through the Smart Center using their Travel Card?

Please refer to Travel Card Payment Services if you need airfare, travel insurance, hotel, registration, or car services paid directly by the university.

Make sure you have all the required information for non-employee travelers.

What is the reimbursement procedure after I return from my trip? Once I submit the expense statement paperwork?

How do I calculate my foreign travel expenses to properly complete my expense statement?

Step-by-step instructions on how to use Internet resources to find foreign conversion rates. More information.

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