BSOS Partners with Center for Global Migration Studies

The Center for Global Migration Studies has taken steps to build a stronger partnership with the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS).  Integrating the Center’s current initiatives in the College of Arts and Humanities with BSOS provides opportunities for faculty and students alike.

BSOS—with the critical support of its Departments of Anthropology and of Sociology—agreed to sustain the work of the Center with financial support and increased guidance. This support will enable the Center to expand its research mission and sustain its growth. A key upcoming collaboration will be the April 2018 conference exploring the changes in racial categorization in the 2020 Census.

Last month, the Center announced the addition of its associate director, Dr. Christina Getrich. Dr. Getrich is also an assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology. Her research examines Latino health disparities and the incorporation of mixed-immigration status families into U.S. society.

Dr. Getrich’s newest project explores the health and well-being of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients in Maryland. She is leading a team of UMD graduate and undergraduate anthropology students to determine how this population’s access to care, health conditions, and overall well-being have changed as a result of DACA. This project is funded by the Dean's Research Initiative, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences and by the Graduate School through a Research and Scholarship Award.

Future plans to sustain the Center’s ties to BSOS include crosslisting additional courses, hiring a BSOS graduate research assistant at the Center, and expanding joint research projects.

The Center is proud to be part of the University’s mission to increase research and education across Colleges and disciplines.  Such collaborations enhance the mission of the Center, which was established as an interdisciplinary home for the study of migration and immigration around the world both today and in the past.

The Center's work speaks to the mission of the University of Maryland by generating a more diverse, inclusive, and international culture at the heart of the University, and by facilitating local and international partnerships to make University faculty and students better global citizens. The Center's interdisciplinary and collaborative scholarship and teaching have contributed to making the University a globally recognized leader in transnational research on migration.

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