Three BSOS Students Named Philip Merrill Presidential Scholars

Congratulations to the three seniors from the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences who have been designated 2017-2018 Philip Merrill Presidential Scholars.

Daniel Dorfman, economics major; Caroline Johnson, government and politics major; and Kinsey Rose Manchester, criminology and criminal justice major have all done BSOS proud with their academic achievements.

The Philip Merrill Presidential Scholarship Program highlights the success of students in the classroom and the educators who have inspired these young adults to find their passions. The program recognizes K-12 teachers as well as University of Maryland faculty and staff.

K-12 teachers that are nominated will have a scholarship donated in their name to a freshman UMD student. In order to qualify for the scholarship, the recipient will have to be a recent graduate from the high school or district that the teacher works in.

A luncheon will be held in honor of the scholars, K-12 teachers and UMD faculty on Nov. 17.

Daniel Dorfman.jpgDorfman will be accompanied at the banquet by Professor John Neri from the Department of Economics.

“Professor Neri's class has inspired me to study economics and finance in college, with a goal to further my studies in graduate school,” Dorfman said.

Caroline Johnson.pngJohnson says she received wonderful guidance from Professor Sarah Croco in the Department of Government & Politics.

“Her teaching style and personality made the class fun, Johnson said. “I felt comfortable asking questions, not just about coursework, but about careers in her field. I feel like I can approach her for advice and with questions, and having a mentor like her makes a big university like Maryland feel smaller.”

Manchester said the professor that inspired her the most was Professor Laure Brooks from the Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice.

Kinsey Rose Manchester.png“Professor Brooks has been so supportive and kind to me during my studies here at University of Maryland,” Manchester explained. “It has been a true blessing to have learned and grown from such intelligent, generous, and caring people.”

Merrill Scholars are nominated from the academic colleges and schools with undergraduate major programs. Learn more about the program.

Daniel Dorfman, Caroline Johnson, and Kinsey Rose Manchester named Philip Merrill Presidential Scholars