Outstanding Development/Administration Awards (formerly known as the Outstanding Graduate and Undergraduate Advisors Award)

This award recognizes and rewards the important contributions of faculty, professional, undergraduate and graduate student advisors in our college.

Nuno Limao
Economics (Graduate)
Christina Smith
Government and Politics (Undergraduate)

Excellence in Teaching

The Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes faculty members who have made distinctive contributions to classroom instruction within the College of Behavioral & Social Sciences. These individuals represent the finest examples of scholar-teachers.

David Strohecker
Hyo Joon Chang
Government and Politics
Julie Park
Patrick Wohlfarth
Government and Politics

Excellence in Mentorship Award 

The Excellence in Mentorship Award recognizes faculty members who demonstrated exemplary performance as role models in mentoring students or faculty colleagues. The particular emphasis of this award is mentoring as a component of undergraduate education.

Francess Lee
Government and Politics

Outstanding Staff Award

This award recognizes employees whose efforts have been extraordinary and who provide invaluable daily support of our students, faculty and administrators as they pursue their goals.

Pam Komarek 
Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
Shannon Bobbitt
Geographical Science

George M. Phillips Award

The George M. Phillips Award recognizes outstanding contributions made by graduate students to topics of significant community and public concern.

Elizabeth Sauber
Mary Furlong Minkoff