ICSPR - The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research

UM members have access to political and social research data through OACS and its membership in ICPSR. ICPSR gathers and stores data for use in research and educational environments. Faculty and students of the University of Maryland may use ICPSR data to support their UM-related research and work.

Finding ICPSR Data Sets

ICPSR resource listings are available on the ICPSR website. It is possible to search for data sets by title, key word, study number, or principal investigator.

The ICPSR search engine returns the titles of related data sets, with links to the dataset description and downloads. The Description gives summary and detail information about the dataset, while the Download page may allow you to download codebooks and/or data sets. If electronic codebooks are available and the study seems appropriate for your research, download the codebook to find out the exact content of the data set.

Getting ICPSR Data Sets

When you find an ICPSR data set that interests you, make a note of its title and ICPSR study number. Some studies are freely available, directly from the ICPSR Website. Most studies, however, must be downloaded by the Official Representative (OR) of a member institution. To contact the Universtiy of Maryland ICPSR OR, please send email to mngates@umd.edu.

Charges for ICPSR Data

OACS maintains a membership in ICPSR so that we can retrieve any data set archived by ICPSR for the BSOS College. The cost to OACS is over $17,500 per year, and fees are not charged to BSOS College members. However, users outside of BSOS can establish an individual ICPSR membership with OACS to obtain data from ICPSR.

The membership fee paid by OACS covers the use of ICPSR data sets for UMCP research. The data must be used for the purposes of the University of Maryland and cannot be distributed to those outside the University.

For Further Information...

For more information on acquiring ICPSR data sets for the University of Maryland, please email mngates@umd.edu.

Please note that the University of Maryland does not maintain an archive of ICPSR data sets. The data sets and codebooks are obtained and made available upon request.