After 37 years as a faculty member with the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences (HESP), Dr. Margaret McCabe is preparing to trade her hectic schedule of treating patients and mentoring graduate students for a retirement filled with “travel, books and yoga.” However, before leaving LeFrak Hall behind for good, McCabe will impart some final words of wisdom to the Class of 2016 as the commencement speaker for the department’s May graduation ceremony.

“I told them I would only do it if they would put a box of tissues next to the podium,” Dr. McCabe said. “But it does feel like a fitting note to end on.”

Dr. McCabe joined the HESP faculty in 1979 and serves as a Clinical Professor and Director of Clinical Education in Audiology on the College Park campus. Some of Dr. McCabe’s patients have been coming to see her throughout her entire tenure with UMD.

“I feel like a member of their family. I rarely see patients that I’m not hugging hello or goodbye. That’ll be hard to leave,” she said.

In addition to training graduate students in the clinic, Dr. McCabe teaches graduate level coursework and serves as administrator for the Audiology Clinic. She described watching students mature into young professionals as one of the most gratifying parts of her career at UMD.

“It’s been a great job. I really like what I do. I get to be with students, I still see patients, I get to teach. It’s never boring,” she said.

Dr. McCabe is an active member of the American Academy of Audiology, the American Auditory Society and the American Speech/Language & Hearing Association and is licensed to practice Audiology in the state of Maryland. She plans to stay with the department until her replacement can be hired and hopes to remain involved in some way in retirement, but “from behind the scenes.”

“It’s time for the next generation to take the reins… and that’s exciting too,” Dr. McCabe said.

Dr. Margaret McCabe, Clinical Professor, Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences