When Department of Economics alum Robert R. Satterfield was an undergraduate in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, the former associate dean of undergraduate studies, Katherine “Kathy” Pedro Beardsley, hired Satterfield to work in the dean’s office. However, temporary employment turned out to be the least important benefit of Satterfield’s experience, as he was able to participate in what is now the BSOS Dean’s Student Advisory Council and had the opportunity to be personally mentored by Beardsley herself.

“She challenged me to expand my horizons. She taught me how to be an impactful member of the community. Most importantly, she inspired me to live my life unafraid of my own potential and that of the world around me,” Satterfield said.

“Everybody deserves a Kathy in their lives. The relationship that was nurtured when I was an undergraduate is only surpassed by the connection I have enjoyed beyond graduation,” Satterfield explained.

With Beardsley’s words of encouragement to support him, Satterfield graduated from the University of Maryland in 1995 and now works as a Senior Vice President of Investments with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management. Satterfield also serves as a trustee on the university’s College Park Foundation.

Recognizing that his own success stemmed largely from his time at UMD, Satterfield has committed $1 million to the university in support of multiple initiatives in BSOS and Athletics, including a $200,000 matching gift fund to inspire BSOS alumni to follow his lead.

“My Maryland experience was so powerful and positive that it still echoes through my life on a daily basis,” Satterfield said. “As I’ve stayed connected to Maryland, I’ve met many others who were impacted—or who are the influencers themselves—in the Maryland family, from faculty to coaches to friends.

“This is a special place that supports our own and helps us see our path through life,” Satterfield explained. “This is the legacy that Kathy instilled in me.”

Robert Satterfield