Nia Nickerson, a Junior Psychology major with a minor in Human Development, talks to us about her UMD experience.

1. Why did you choose your major?
Child development is one of the most important, complex fields of study because understanding and optimizing the development process is key to producing contributing members of society.
2. Why did you decide to come to UMD?
My decision to attend UMD was one initially out of financial reasoning, but the decision came along with many other benefits such as attending a heavily research based institution, being part of a diverse student population, and also being in a place where the professors and strong sense of community foster an environment very conducive to learning and enjoying college.
3. What clubs/organizations are you involved in on campus? What do you do within these organizations?
I am a member of the Dean's Student Advisory Council of BSOS, Psi Chi, the Black Student Union, the Caribbean Student Union, and I am a former Public Leadership Scholar.
4. How has the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences enhanced your career?
The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences has enhanced my college career in that it is a very large college that exerts a considerable amount of energy into making the college seem smaller with easily accessible resources within the college such as helpful advisors and knowledgeable, supportive faculty. Getting a degree from Maryland is going to prepare me for the rigor of Graduate school. I will be equipped with technical skills, but I will also be confident in my ability to network and form relationships with individuals in my field that can help push me towards my achieving my career goals. Maryland also does an excellent job of making all goals seem attainable and this mindset will be beneficial in all aspects of life. My experience at UMD has been an amazing one thus far, from meeting renowned leaders such as Angela Davis to attending sporting events to staying up late with friends having conversations about life. Attending the University of Maryland College Park has, and will forever positively influence who I am as a person.
5. What do you hope to get our of your time at UMD and what are your future aspirations?
I aim to one day earn a PhD in Developmental Psychology.

nia nickerson