Department of Geographical Sciences Ph.D. student Yuhan Rao was awarded a 2017 Advanced Study Program (ASP) Graduate Student Fellowship at National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). He is currently a doctoral student working with Dr. Shunlin Liang. Yuhan's focuses on combining remote sensing products, climate model simulations and in-situ observations to improve the understanding of recent surface warming trends and its impact on the hydrological cycle. During his stay at NCAR, he will work with Dr. Kevin Trenberth to examine the ways in which surface warming is changing moisture conditions over land across different regions.

NCAR’s ASP Graduate Student Fellowship is a graduate student visitor program provided by NCAR to support advance graduate students who are in the atmospheric and related sciences/engineering fields. The fellowship allow awardees to spend time at NCAR with a NCAR host scientist to work on student’s thesis or project. Students should be nominated by NCAR scientists to be considered for this fellowship.

BSOS congratulates Yuhan on this remarkable achievement.