Being a college student is a job in and of itself, but sometimes students like Government and Politics junior Tyler Ziegler decide to pick up a second job to make ends meet. Ziegler’s latest? Student dispatcher for Shuttle-UM.

Ziegler, who is also pursuing a Germanic studies major, started out as a student route driver and worked his way up to the Charter Department.  He oversees Paratransit and Niteride services, conducts Shuttle-UM training, relays information from drivers’ radio calls, and ensures that all buses are on time and that routes are operating smoothly.

“This has been the most demanding position that I have had during my time at Shuttle-UM,” Ziegler said. “This position has really taught me teamwork, communication, and multitasking. Dispatchers are the first to receive information and if we forget to pass it along or get side-tracked, it can cause quite the headache.”

Working at Shuttle-UM isn’t the only way that Ziegler spends his time on campus. Ziegler also acts as the vice delegate for the Maryland Student Legislature, and previously acted as the Treasurer for the Wesley Foundation.

Outside of work and his leadership roles, Ziegler was able to have some very memorable college experiences.

“Last September I tried out to be Testudo,” Ziegler said. “While I didn’t make it, I did get to try the costume on. The tryout process was so much fun and it’s something that not many people have done.”

Another favorite memory of Zielger’s is when SEE invited Leslie Jones to campus for the Spring Comedy show.

“I got to be her personal driver while she was on campus,” Ziegler said. “I got a police escort to and from the airport, as well as an amazing photo and autograph. She was so much fun to work with and an excellent tipper.”

This semester, Ziegler is studying abroad in Berlin.

Though Ziegler is not sure what he wants to do post graduation, he is considering enrolling in the five-year master’s program in the School of Public Policy and then pursuing a career with the State Department’s Foreign Service Office.

“I think BSOS has really enhanced my college career through its faculty and course offerings,” Ziegler said. “Last year the department put on two post-election discussions which were very well attended and informative. I also had the privilege of attending a BSOS brown bag lunch with Dean Ball and other faculty members. I do not know of many other departments/colleges on campus that do that.”

Junior Tyler Ziegler stands in front of the Terpride bus.