The 5-year combined BA/BS/MAA program in Anthropology allows qualified students to complete both a BA/BS in Anthropology and a MAA in
Applied Anthropology at an accelerated pace. The program seeks to develop future global leaders with the essential career skills to understand the
complexity that encompasses the human experience and diversity past and present, especially as it relates to archaeology and heritage, health, and
the environment. The 5-year combined program in Anthropology, including those in the department undertaking the Archaeology minor, is designed for
majors who want to build broad expertise in thinking critically about historical and contemporary social challenges that affect human populations but
are not yet ready to commit to a PhD program of study.

Admissions criteria and procedures:
Students should discuss their interest in this program with members of the faculty before the formal application process begins. The standards for
admission to the undergraduate major in Anthropology (BA or BS) must first be satisfied.

There are two steps for admissions to the combined Bachelor's/Master's Program:
First, current Anthropology (BA or BS) students will apply to the combined Bachelor's/Master's program after they have completed 75 credits or
after their fifth semester of academic enrollment. Undergraduate students will send applications to the Director if Undergraduate Studies and the
Undergraduate Advisory Committee for admission by the deadline for admission to the MAA program (typically around January 7).

Requirements for admission to the combined Bachelor's/Master's program:
1) GPA (for best consideration): at least a 3.5 in Anthropology and 3.0 overall
2) Unofficial Transcript
3) Two Letters of Recommendation: The letters must be from two tenured/tenure-track faculty in the department. One of the letter writers will be the
student’s mentor and advisor.
4) Statement of Purpose Essay
5) Plan of Study completed and signed by the Director of Graduate Studies, Director of Undergraduate Studies, and the Undergraduate Advisor. 

Students accepted into the combined program will begin taking MAA coursework during their fourth year (seventh & eighth semesters).  The second step will come after completing their seventh semester, or their first semester taking graduate courses. By the MAA program deadline (again about January 7) combined program admits will follow the procedures for MAA admission from the Graduate School and the department used to evaluate and possible fund graduate students. GRE scores and a third letter of recommendation will not be required at this step as students in
the combined program will have already had the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to successfully complete graduate level work with their two
graduate level courses. (Admission to the combined program does not guarantee admission to the MAA program.)

The combined Bachelor's/Master's program is separate from the PhD program. No expectation of admission to that program should be assumed for
students enrolled in the combined program.