BSOS Undergraduate Experience Funds

If you are a BSOS student with financial need that is preventing you from taking advantage of an experiential learning opportunity, apply for BSOS Undergraduate Experience Funds. 

Applications for Summer Experiences are now OPEN.
For recommendations on how to write a successful application, check out these suggestions from the selection committee.
Eligibility Requirements:
  • Submit a complete application (all questions answered). Best consideration date is May 3, 2024 @11:59 PM.  
  • Have completed at least one semester (Spring 2024 or earlier) at the University of Maryland.
  • Have at least one semester (Fall 2024 or later) left as a student at the University of Maryland.
  • Be enrolled in a BSOS major or an ENSP, NEUR, or SDSC major track housed within the BSOS College.
  • All recipients will be asked to submit a Thank You note and a video, which will be shared with the donor(s) of the fund you are receiving. Questions regarding BSOS Undergraduate Experience Funds or the application process should be directed to
  • Complete the learning experience for which you apply. If you choose not to complete the experience, you must notify the Selection Committee ( and the funds will be rescinded.

Additional Information:

  • Preference in selecting awardees will be given for activities where financial obstacles would likely prevent a student from participating.
  • Preference will be given for unpaid experiences in not-for-profit, government, or educational organizations, rather than in for-profit companies.
  • Typical awards will fall within the $250-$500 range to offset expected costs, though some awards may be higher or lower.
  • Experience Funds are intended to help offset expenses related to such activities, including, but not limited to: travel/transportation expenses, professional attire, software/technology or material needs not provided by employer/University but essential to the experience, conference fees, opportunity costs (loss of income from other paid employment forgone in order to participate in the student experience). Priority will be given to direct costs (transportation, material needs or conference fees/costs).
  • These funds are not intended for on-campus research assistantships and research related activities.
  • Preference will be given for NEW, rather than continuing, experiences (i.e. starting a new internship, as opposed to continuing in a position from a previous semester or summer).
  • These funds are NOT designated for study abroad experiences. Visit the Education Abroad Scholarships page to learn more about study abroad funding.
  • Students may apply for funding for more than one learning experience per application cycle, but may only receive funding for one experience.

These BSOS experiences are generously supported by the following funds:

  • The Dean Gregory F. Ball Student Experience Endowment
  • The Beardsley Family Endowed Student Experience Fund
  • The Dr. Jack Blanchard and Dr. Melanie E. Bennett Student Experience Endowment (for students majoring in Psychology)
  • The Taylor and Brandon Cole Student Experience Endowment (for students majoring in Psychology)
  • The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS) Student Experience Fund
  • The Dean's Student Advisory Council (DSAC) Unpaid Internship Scholarship
  • The Dries Family Student Experience Endowment
  • The Felecia Love Greer Student Experience Endowment (preference to students from Prince George's County)
  • The Gary L. Rozier Professional Experience Fellowships for Economics Majors (for students majoring in Economics)
  • The Dr. Katherine F. Russell and George L. Askew, MD Student Experience Endowment (preference to students from Prince George's County)
  • The Peggy Rae and John Sapienza Scholarship Fund (for students majoring in Economics)
  • The Robert R. Satterfield Economics Student Opportunities Fund (for students majoring in Economics)

These award funds may be deposited into your Student Financial Account or distributed by check sent to the permanent address on file with the university.  Please verify that your address on record is current by visiting  If you are receiving other financial aid or scholarships, you should speak with a Financial Aid counselor to determine whether the funds from this scholarship will impact your Financial Aid package. The Office of Student Financial Aid can be reached at 301-314-9000.