Research Computing

On Friday, November 5, 2021, BSOS hosted a forum on research computing resources led by Dr Jean McGloin, Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education with presenters Mary Shelley, Director of Research Data Science and Robert Blevins, Executive Director of the Office of Academic Computing Services (OACS). This presentation introduces the research data lifecycle, security considerations, and computing tools available to BSOS researchers. A recording of this session has been made available, as have the slides from the session. Links referenced in the session will display in the side panel of the video, but are also listed below.

A circular workflow image showing the research data lifecycle: plan, collect/acquire, store, clean/integrate/transform, analyze/simulate/interpret, public/share

BSOS Research Computing and Data Science Workshop Video

BSOS Research Computing and Data Science Workshop Handouts

Please note that the slides are available to anyone at UMD. Undergraduate students may request access to the slides but should do so using their address so it is clear they are UMD students.

Office of Academic Computing Services (OACS):

OACS Cloud Services:

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