Undergraduate Education


Dear Student,

Katherine RussellWe are delighted that you aspire to “Be the Solution” to the world’s great challenges! Joining one of the majors or programs in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS) at University of Maryland is the perfect place to learn the knowledge and skills to really have an impact. 

The College draws on its proximity to Washington DC and worldwide connections to enrich its teaching, research, and service.   Our faculty and academic opportunities are outstanding. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of our mission.

The Feller Center is the home for academic advising and career planning for BSOS students. Internships and research experiences, education abroad, service learning, and student leadership opportunities round out a student’s career and personal development beyond what the traditional academic classroom setting can offer.

Please feel free to be in touch if you have questions.

With best wishes,

Dr. Katherine Ford Russell
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education

Office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Russell, Katherine • Associate Dean • BSOS-UGDean@umd.edu • x51692

Feller Center - Complete Staff List

Academic Advising Leadership

Cradock, Christie •  Beardsley Director of Advising     ccradock@umd.edu   •  x51697

Anderson-Howell, Rosalyn •  Associate Director of Advising  •    rosalyn@umd.edu   •  x51697

Bethke, Kim •  Associate Director of Advising     kbethke@umd.edu   •  x51697

Career Planning Leadership

Sehlke, Crystal •  Fishlinger Director of Career Planning  • csehlke@umd.edu   •  301.405.9385

Denbow, Giselle •  Coordinator for Undergraduate Education Administration     gdenbow@umd.edu   •  x51692  

Hall, Kristi •  Associate Director for Undergraduate Education     khall@umd.edu   x51072

Abigail Messaris •  Coordinator for Undergraduate Communications & Recruitment     amessari@umd.edu   •  x51434