Department of Anthropology at UMD

General Student Giving Opportunities

The Anthropology Student Experience Fund

Provides support for student travel to conferences, seminars, summer field schools as well as other experiences that are program related in the Department of Anthropology. 

The Anthropology Student Research & Travel Fund

Provides support for research and travel for Anthropology students.

The Cultural Resource Management and Anthropology Fund

Offers opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students to explore a career in cultural resource management and to obtain real-world experiences that can be applied to future jobs in the field. Students are placed in supervised internships. Internships can be with federal, state, local or tribal government agencies, with private-sector consulting firms, or historic preservation organizations anywhere in the country based on the student’s career goals. 


Graduate Student Giving Opportunities

The Master of Applied Anthropology (MAA) Scholarship Fund

Established in honor of the retirement of Professor Erve Chambers, a renowned researcher and teacher whose hard work and dedication helped to propel the department as a leading academic institution in the field of applied anthropology. The fund will provide scholarship and internship support to graduate students in the MAA program within the Department of Anthropology.

The Masters of Professional Studies (MPS) Fund

Provides general support to enhance the Department of Anthropology's Masters of Professional Studies program, which may include support of fellows, scholarships, program activities, conference, travel & research-related expenses. 

The Public Good Graduate Fellowship Fund

Supports need-based graduate fellowships and to help recruit and retain outstanding students in the Department of Anthropology. 

The Historical Archives Gift Fund

Provides training to historical archaeologists at the graduate level. 

UMD-HBCU Graduate Mentoring Operating Fund in Anthropological & Community Health Sciences

Provides operation support for initiatives and activities that support the UMD-HBCU Graduate Mentoring program.

UMD-HBCU Graduate Mentoring Scholarship Fund in Anthropological & Community Health Sciences

Provides research, travel and scholarship support to HBCU graduates currently enrolled within a graduate program in Anthropology and Public Health at the University of Maryland. Once this fund reaches endowment level, all contributions made into this scholarship account shall be transferred into an endowed fund.

The Lloyd/Tilghman Archaeology Gift Fund

Supports the archaeological work conducted by the department at Wye House, part of the Wye Hall plantation on Wye Hall Island in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland. 

The Wye Hall Fund

Supports efforts to conduct archaeological investigations at the Wye Hall plantation on Wye Hall Island in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland.

The Historic Easton Gift Fund

Supports the archaeological work at the Gardener House in Easton, Maryland.

The Center for Heritage Resources Studies Fund

Provides general operating support for the center's activities. 

The Department of Anthropology Gift Fund

Provides support and operations to the Department of Anthropology