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Operational Support

The Department of Criminal Justice Fund, which advances the operations of CCJS. Give to the Department of Criminal Justice Fund.

The Criminology and Criminal Justice Honors Program Fund, which provides support to students enrolled in the CCJS Honors Program. Give to the Criminology and Criminal Justice Honors Program Fund.

The Ray Paternoster Memorial Fundsupport of this fund will help to provide the installation of a memorial bench in honor of Ray Paternoster at the University of Maryland. Any funds remaining in the fund will support a lecture series in honor of Ray Paternoster within the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Should this operating account reach endowment level at any time, it may be converted into an endowment account held at the University of Maryland College Park Foundation. Give to the Ray Paternoster Memorial Fund.

The Fishlinger Endowed Scholar Fund, supports and will enhances the initiatives of the Center for the Study of Business Ethics, Regulation and Crime (C-BERC), to include support for lectures, student programs, research and faculty. Give to the Fishlinger Endowed Scholar Fund.

The Barton L. Ingraham Fund, which provides a scholarship for a professional in the field of criminology and criminal justice who has decided to return to college to pursue an undergraduate degree in that field, or who is seeking to complete an undergraduate degree in that field. Give to the Barton L. Ingraham Fund.

The Dr. Peter P. Lejins Memorial Award Fund, which was established to support annual awards to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Institute of Criminal Justice and Criminology, and to support activities which will enhance undergraduate and graduate students’ academic experiences. Give to the Dr. Peter P. Lejins Memorial Award Fund.