Department of Geographical Sciences Giving Opportunities

The Geographical Sciences Fund, which advances the operations of the department. Give to the Geographical Sciences Fund. Operational Support

Dr. Jingli Yang and Dr. Peter Li Graduate Support Endowment, which provides merit-based graduate summer research support to graduate students within the Department of Geographical Sciences with research interests in the areas of remote sensing and geographic information systems. Give to the Dr. Jingli Yang and Dr. Peter Li Graduate Support Endowment FundGraduate Student Support 

The Young Researchers Fund, which supports young researchers whose work supports the mission of the Department of Geographical Sciences. Give to the Young Researchers Fund. Operational Support/Student Experience/Undergraduate Giving Opportunities

The Be GlobalEnhanced Studies Fund, which expands and enriches study abroad opportunities for geography students. Learn more about the Be GlobalEnhanced Studies Fund. Give to the Be Global—Enhanced Studies Fund. Student Experience/Undergraduate Giving Opportunities