Career Panel: How to Become a Psychologist

This event will feature a diverse panel of Academic and Applied Psychologists who will share their knowledge, guidance, and lived experiences relative to the education, training, and steps for becoming a Psychologist. 

Topics will include an overview of the versatile roles Psychologists perform, the Doctoral Degree Application Process, Licensure Requirements, undergraduate activities to prepare one for a Psychologist Career, and how to assess if the Psychologist Path is the right fit. Questions? Contact the Feller Center at 

Feature Panelists:
Dr. Joseph Barnet, PhD. Experimental Psychologist
Dr. Monica Kearney, PhD. Counseling Psychologist
Dr. Cale Wright, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Sara Barth, PhD., Personnel Psychologist
Dr. Rosalind Sheppard, PhD., School Psychologist

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