Dr. William Hodos NACS Seminar: Dr. Molly Henry

'Understanding neural entrainment using noninvasive brain stimulation'

Dr. Molly Henry

Neural entrainment is the phenomenon by which the brain synchronizes to rhythms in the environment, and fluctuations in neural excitability are reflected in behavior, suggesting that neural entrainment is an efficient way to regulate attention in time. Using auditory stimuli, entrained activity cannot be distinguished from evoked activity. Noninvasive brain stimulation can be used as a tool to probe entrainment separately from evoked activity because it does not evoke neural responses that weren't present to begin with. In this talk, I will give a tour of some of our recent research using noninvasive brain stimulation to better understand on neural entrainment. 

Dr. Molly Henry is an Assistant Professor at Toronto Metropolitan University.

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