Professional Track Faculty

College-level AEP Guidelines for Professional Track Faculty

College AEP Deadlines for AY2020-2021

  • The deadline for promotion cases to the highest level in PTK ranks will be announced soon.
  • Please note that promotion cases to the middle level in PTK ranks may be submitted at any time, but no later than April 1, 2021.

College AEP Committee Members AY2020-2021

  • Committee members' names will be announced soon.

Department AEP Promotion Cases to the Highest Rank:  Since PTK faculty at the highest rank are now eligible for Emeritus status and these promotions must be approved by the Provost, the University requires the documents listed on the AEP Transmittal Form in the dossier.

Department AEP Promotion Cases to Middle Rank:  For cases to middle rank, the document requirements are the items identified in the department's plan for that specific title series. The department's AEP promotion criteria (signed and dated) and the AEP Transmittal Form must be included when the case is routed to the College for review. 

For Department AEP Managers:  The candidate review materials and teaching portfolio (if applicable) must be submitted through the online Appointments, Promotions, and Awards (APA) management application.  Go to, log in with your university login and follow the instructions in the "Help" section. There is no need to notify the Dean's Office or the Office of Faculty Affairs when you upload an AEP dossier; the system will generate an automatic notification.

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