Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty

This page contains information on the promotion process for tenure-track and tenured faculty.  The University of Maryland Policy on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure (APT) of Faculty is found here.  The University's guidelines for APT, maintained by the Office of Faculty Affairs, are found here.  The APT manual and guidelines are updated on an as-needed basis.  To ensure that you are using the most up-to-date copy of the guidelines, please access the online document on the Office of Faculty Affairs website.

A candidate's preparation for tenure and promotion review begins when they enter the University.  Soon after the candidate arrives, APT policy calls for the unit administrator to provide the candidate with a copy of the promotion criteria by which they will be evaluated (APT Policy Section II, Section IV) and to appoint one or more senior faculty mentors (APT Policy Section IV.A.3).  The College's guidelines on the evaluation of tenure-track faculty involved in interdisciplinary research are found here.

College APT Deadlines for AY2020-2021

  • The department deadlines to submit their cases are November 13, 2020 (for tenure cases), and November 20, 2020 (for promotion cases).  Please note that there is no deadline for new external candidate cases.  The Office of Faculty Affairs requires that all Emeriti cases be submitted in May 2020 through December 2020.

College APT Committee Members AY2020-2021

  • Dr. Johanna Birnir, APT Committee Chair | GVPT
  • Dr. Peter Murrell | ECON
  • Dr. Andres De Los Reyes | PSYC
  • Dr. Matthew Hansen | GEOG
  • Dr. Philip Cohen | SOCY
  • Dr. Min Xie | CCJS

College Contacts

  • Ms. Elizabeth Martinez, Coordinator of Faculty Affairs and Graduate Education
  • Dr. R. Patricio Korzeniewicz, Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs

Additional Notes and Resources

  • Citation Counts from Google Scholar and Web of Science:  Starting Fall 2018 and moving forward, all promotion and tenure candidates are responsible for producing the citation counts in their review materials.  In order to have the most accurate and complete citation information, candidates should provide the counts themselves.  They are the experts of their research and publications and ultimately, they must certify that the citations are a current and accurate statement of their professional record.
  • For BSOS Department APT Managers:  The candidate review materials, teaching portfolio, and the optional supplemental materials must be submitted through the online Appointments, Promotions, and Awards (APA) management application.  Go to http://faculty.umd.edu/apalog in with your university login, and follow the instructions in the "Help" section. There is no need to notify the Dean's Office or the Office of Faculty Affairs when you upload an APT dossier; the system will generate an automatic notification.