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About the Council

The College Council is established in the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Plan of Organization. It includes representatives of faculty (both tenured/tenure-track and professional track), staff, and students (both undergraduate and graduate).
The Council is responsible for consulting regularly with senior leadership at the college, departmental, and center levels, and for advising the Dean on strategic planning. The Council reviews departmental plans of organization to ensure compliance with college and campus level policies, as well. Most importantly, the Council facilitates communication between members of the college and the Dean. If you have any questions or would like to bring any issues before the Council, please email the Council at, or contact individual members using the addresses provided below.
The Council is also working to establish better lines of communication between the college and the University Senate. To this end, the Council will periodically provide updates on important issues being considered by the Senate, and will in turn ensure that the college's perspective is shared with those responsible for making changes to university policies and practices. 

Read the College Council's 2022-2023 Annual Report here.

Current College Council Membership



Seat Name


Stephen Brighton

Faculty - ANTH

Marcus Boyd

PTK Faculty - Research

Leila DeFloriani

Faculty - GEOG

Periloux Peay

Faculty - AFAM

Michael Lebron

Graduate Student (DGSAC)

Rebecca Hunsaker

Exempt Staff Member

Sujith Kumar

(Vice Chair)

Part-time PTK Faculty

Yan Li

Faculty - JPSM

Justine Madoo

Faculty - CCJS

Allan Drazen

Faculty - ECON

Nicole Nguyen

Faculty - Admin/Clinical

Amy Pate



Akta Patel

Exempt Staff

Elizabeth Redcay

Faculty - PSYC

Candace Turitto

PTK Faculty - Instruction

David Karol

Faculty - GVPT

Les Andrist

Faculty - SOCY (PTK)